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Tweet Storm

I have never been at the center of a Tweet Storm unless of course, we are referring to squawks on the beach. Maybe this is a good metaphor for that.

Speaking of which, I just heard the in-depth interview of Jack Dorsey on Sam Harris's podcast. https://samharris.org/podcasts/148-jack-dorsey/) The guy is pretty zen, way more than I expected. Long story short, Twitter is a work in progress and, from what I can glean, Jack has his heart in the right place.

I'm not much of a Twitter guy, I just tweet my photos, but that's probably not the ideal use case. I do like to follow certain people, but I'm not really into participating in public discourse. I'm more contemplative and keep my thoughts to myself. I'm not sure if that's a good thing; but let just say, it is what it is.