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Vanity Architecture

I took this while walking around in the rain on a Vancouver morning. That was back in January when the days were short and the rain was constant. Now in June the days are long with the sun rising at about five in the morning. I'm headed back there and looking forward to taking more photos in Van-city.

The thing about Vancouver, or any major city for that matter, is that it's so unlike the sleepy little town I live in. The change in scenery gives me all kinds of ideas for urban photography. I'm sure the same would be true for big city folk that visit central Florida, in awe of the beaches and sunsets. Change of scenery is a good thing.

This was taken at the Telus Science World building. The leading line of the walkway and pillars are what I found interesting. The building itself is made up of unique architecture, it has a geodesic dome and odd structures along the outside. This is probably the second most photographed building in Vancouver next to Canada Place. In any case I can't wait to get out on the streets in full urban photo mode.