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Old Piers

Apparently, piers are not permanent here in Florida, seems they erode away from Hurricanes and waves all the time. I'm fairly new to Florida, we moved here about nine years ago and in that time I've seen a couple of piers crumble away. I was at an art show with my photos the other day and a shot I did of the pier at Venice Florida was recognized by folks as "the new pier". That was news to me since it's the only one I knew of. But long time residents have seen two others washed away and the latest built about ten years ago. So now I know. In any case, I like even the crumbled down old remnants of a pier, it seems to attract birds like egrets, herons and pelicans as they use the old pilings to wait for prey or scraps from the fishermen. So now you know, probably more than you ever wanted, about Florida piers. Your welcome. ;-)

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