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Riverwalk in Bradenton

Riverwalk in Bradenton is where I go to walk and get a little break in the evening. Usually it's filled with people doing the same, but every now and then I'll have the place to myself. On this occasion the weather dropped below room temperature which is too cold for thin blooded Floridians. As I write it's winter in Florida which is really the best time of year. The climate is moderate and everything is in full swing on account of the tourists.

Last week I went to a restaurant to order take-out. I arrived at six o'clock, ordered and sat at the bar while I waited. Twenty minutes later there was a line up out the door. This is the season many businesses make it big, the time of year when revenue pours through the front door non-stop . Tis the season to be merry. Ho ho ho.

Actually, now that I think about it, winter is like summer here, everyone is out and about, enjoying the outdoors, beaches, restaurants and sports. All the local events are planned for winter; fairs, shows, circus, you name it; everything happens in winter. Summer is our winter because we get tropical storms and torrential rain almost every day. When I first came here it took about three years for me to figure that out. I may be a slow learner but now but now I'm wise to the ways. Ho ho ho.