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View From Cambie Street Bridge

The geodesic dome on the right is the Telus World of Science. I took this photo while standing on the Cambie Street Bridge in Vancouver. I've made different shots over the years, here is one https://justenoughfocus.smugmug.com/Portfolio/Canada/i-tVSr2t5/A) and here is another https://www.flickr.com/photos/justenoughfocus/9109050970/in/dateposted/).

To Vancouverites, this is a typical scene; in fact, the sight is just part of the scenery. That's true of anything we see day-in-day-out. But when I come back after being away, walking across the bridge at night is one of my favorite past times.

In fact, you can walk all over Vancouver; you don't need a car. I rarely rent one when I'm here unless I'm traveling outside the city. Mostly I take the Skytrain which you can see in this picture.

Anyway, the building is a science museum and is an icon of the city. I've spent a lot of time around it just taking pictures. It's an easy thing to do; and as its a geodesic dome, there aren't any bad angles. Nevertheless, one of my favorites is from the Cambie bridge like this.