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Kona and the Christmas Tree

This is our family cat Kona, curled up and sitting in his favorite spot. He sits here for hours at a time, long into the night. I took this one evening after I had already gone to bed and came downstairs for a glass of water. When I noticed him I quietly set my camera on a tripod and took this photo. I wish I could say I had thought of the idea ahead of time.

I have no idea what goes on in that little kitty brain of his but it’s safe to say that he loves the glittery lights. He’s an old cat and as such gets a little moody at times. Sometimes if he gets agitated during the day we’ve discovered that turning on the tree lights calms him down.

This peaceful scene belies a more chaotic history of Kona and Christmas trees. When he was a kitten he and our dog at the time where chasing each other around the house and Kona ran right up the tree and caused it to come crashing down. When we came to see what happened, he was nowhere to be found and only the dog was left to take the blame. Maybe that’s what he’s thinking about as he sits here. You never know.