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Morning Sunburst

A morning sunburst of light is projected from behind the clouds. This was from behind our house in Palmetto Florida. I noticed these rays for several days in a row on account of the type of clouds, this time I was within reach of the camera. In fact I took this though an upper window, right through a glass pane. Normally that's not optimal but this time it worked out.

How can you not be happy when you see this? Its like a wake-up call from the sun itself, "time to get out of bed!".

I don't pull out my camera that often at home but this time I couldn't resist. We get equally awesome scenes in the evening in the other way, but there are just too many distractions with houses and such.

For some reason this reminds me of a corny TV commercial of a guy dressed in a sun costume. He's a hopelessly optimistic and talking about breakfast, I think it's an ad for Jimmy Dean breakfast food. In any case he ends up making everyone feel better.

Back to the real world. Now that we are all awake its time get up and get breakfast. I'm just say'in.