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Super-yachts of the Bahamas

I took this shortly after sunrise as our cruise ship entered port in Nassau. As yachts go this is pretty big, I'm not sure if this is a government craft or just one of the many super-yachts of the Bahamas.

It got me thinking about why people own these. Personally, I don't think I would want one. I've been on rough seas on a big cruise ship and I certainly would not want to go through that on a small boat. The sea does not care how fancy a yacht is, it will be tossed around like a toy.

I had the same thought when we passed other big yachts near the Atlantis Resort and Casino. Maybe the people that have these only sail in fair weather and remain close to home. That I could understand. They are awesome to look at but I think they are no match for the wrath of the sea.

My hat is off to fishermen who work the seas for their livelihood like the guys on The Deadliest Catch. Watching that freaks me out a little. How they manage through storms is beyond me.

I think this attitude of mine comes from a fear of falling into the ocean and drowning. It might stem from an incident when I was an infant and almost drowned. Although I don't remember it, I was apparently face down and sinking in a lake.

Anyway, I have nothing against these high-end boats. If I did have one I'd be having fair-weather parties on it all the time. However at the first sign of a storm you'd find me firmly on land. In the meantime I'll just stick to cruise ships and buy crab legs from a store. I'm not really in the market for one of these anytime soon.