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Returning Home

Hang out at Longboat Pass in the evening, and you'll see a stream of boats returning to dock just after sunset. It keeps the drawbridge operator quite busy.

This is a shot using a Playpod at the water's edge. In this age of drones, it's nice to have a tool that helps create a somewhat unique low-down perspective. Not that I have anything against drones, they are fun and provide excellent viewpoints. But angles like this are just as rewarding.

I've not been to the beach for sunset in a while, so I almost forgot how to photograph the whole golden hour; I nearly left too early. I was heading to the car and noticed another photographer just getting out. That reminded me that sometimes the best light occurs after the sun goes down. So I headed back to the shoreline and took this along with a few others. Then, after squeezing the last ounce of light from the sky, it was finally time to head home.