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Very First Thing

I find that morning is the best time to exercise. In fact very first thing in the morning, that way nothing can come between me and my desire for a workout. By the time its over its still early and I can go through the day guilt free knowing I did something. Guilt free days are good. 

This is a place I take a lot of photos, it's called Bradenton Riverwalk. If I come here first thing in the morning I'll find a lot of people that think the way I do. Walking, running, doing pushups and basically all manner of exercise. It's the perfect place, there's plenty of open space by the water and miles of walkways.

However when I come here it's just to take pictures or walk my dog. I workout in a gym in a bootcamp class. I tend to need some type of structured activity inside lest I get distracted by the sunrise and want to start snapping pictures. Maybe I could combine exercise with taking pictures to have my cake and eat it too. That would be like going for a hike with a camera. What a bright idea, I should try that sometime.