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Neal Preserve

I left home this evening knowing I wanted to take pictures but with no clear destination in mind. I was headed to the beach to capture a sunset when I noticed this preserve. Two days ago Neal Preserve in Bradenton Florida opened to the public after about a year of construction. I've been anticipating this for ages and this evening I lucked out. I'm not sure construction adequately describes the work that goes into the creation of a preserve, it's part ecology, part terraforming and a good dose of trail construction. Many of the pathways are elevated above the mangroves, and the scrub is perfect for nesting and burrowing. Just after sundown I saw owls and raccoons coming out for their nocturnal routines. In any case, I took more photos which I'll post in the coming weeks. I'm so happy and excited that I've found a new place to take photos of nature near my home.

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