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Lummus Park at Night

Here's a scene from Miami Beach's Lummus Park at night. I took some daytime photos here, but night time was way more fun.

Sorry if I sound like grandpa talking, but it wasn't that long ago when shots like this were next to impossible. I shot this handheld without a tripod. In fact, the original photo didn't look like much. Nevertheless, I was able to recover most of the shadows thanks to software and the amazing sensor on the Sony A7RM3. The camera sensor saves things that are invisible to the naked eye. However, with post-processing, we can make much of it visible.

I would say that low-light techniques like this are what got me back into photography. Back in the day (grandpa again) I used to shoot film but lost interest due to the amount of time I spent in dark rooms. Today, the only time you need to spend in the dark is taking photos of cool scenes.