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Sunset Beach

A couple of nights ago I ago I went to Sunset Beach (yes, its a real place) to capture these waves at sunset. The wind off the gulf whipped up some wave action that provided a little more drama than normal. Despite the blustery weather the conditions were good for a sunset. Waves look awesome when you are on the same level. In this case, my camera was slightly below which allowed me to catch the sun on the wave top. Grody to the max.

The beach was deserted yet there were a few diehards walking the shore. I think some people walk the shore no matter what the weather. I can understand that. If I lived here on the beach I'd probably do the same thing. How awesome would that be; can you imagine? In the summer you're barefoot in shorts, in winter maybe you wear a coat, but so what, you're by the water. Awesome possum.

Did you know orange and blue are complimentary colors? I'm not sure how that happened but mother nature seems to have it all worked out, especially at sunset near the ocean. I suppose that fires some ancient memory buried deep in our DNA, but for whatever reason it just works. So here's a toast to ancient DNA and the awesomeness of Mother Nature's color wheel.