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Before Dawn

This is another long exposure of the public pier at Anna Maria Island in Florida. It was just before dawn and as usual there were already a few people milling about, mostly fishermen or those who came only to watch the sunrise; another typical morning at AMI.

Probably because of where I live I'm fascinated by bridges and piers, we seem to have a lot of both. How they make these piers, one piling at a time is amazing. To me its counter intuitive to think that you can build a solid structure into the floor of the sea. Even though it's only a few meters deep it's submerged. How they drill and then make sure the piling is stable is something I'd like to understand.

Pilings are big business here on the gulf coast because there are a lot of companies that specialize in it. It seems there's always construction in the water and most of it is concerned with pilings. On the other side of AMI, facing the gulf, they are building a pier. It seems to me that the work is super slow, they've been at it for almost a year, but I suppose that's the nature of the job. You don't want to leave it to just any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Anyway, thanks to the folks that make these pilings we can sit on a pier and wait for dawn as though we hadn't a care in the world.