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This is another image I took with my Sony 70-400mm G lens fully extended. I almost didn't bring the lens on the trip because of its size and weight but I'm glad I did. It was key in getting perspectives I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Of course, having a tripod to mount it on was key.

The features of the landscapes like this are amazing and, for me, a little terrifying. The elements are entirely unforgiving. When I look at this my mind projects me onto the slopes and once there I consider my prospects dire. There is no easy way up or down and survival is anything but assured. I'm a problem solver by nature, but when I look at this there are no easy options.

Why I do that in my head I don't know. Why is it that when looking at images like this my heart races? Yet despite my reservations, if given a chance I would probably climb. I would be terrified and on life's thin edge yet continue nonetheless. Perhaps that's why I get terrified when I look at this, because I'm already working out the route and know that this mountain is in fact, unforgiving.