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Lights Reflecting in Sarasota Bay

Lights reflecting in Sarasota Bay on a recent evening. I've taken similar images but of course each one is a little different. This is a long exposure panorama of three separate images; the exposure is about ten-seconds and it makes the water look smooth. Panoramas over the water work well only if the water is smooth. Otherwise there are noticeable lines where the wave patterns are stitched together. That's because the waves from each picture are in different positions and don't match when combined. A little tip for the day.

I'm addicted to long exposure photography, I love how it transforms a scene, making it seem almost serene. I'm also addicted to night or low light photography, I like how the mood shifts when the bright light of day fades. When I get to combine the two I'm in my happy place. It's a lot of fun and I never quite know what I'll end up with. The main thing is to keep experimenting and, of course, having fun.

Anyway, now that the weather here in Florida is finally cooling a bit from the long hot summer, an evening outdoors can be refreshing. A cool dry breeze is something I haven't felt around here in about six months, so now that thats starting I think its time to get out and enjoy the weather. Not that I need an excuse but for me that means doing more long exposure panoramas. Stay tuned, more images to come.