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Barcelona Walking at Night

About a year ago I was in Barcelona walking at night. The streets were full of people in restaurants, bistros and bars. The biggest impression was that it seemed so relaxed, like you could stay out all night without a care in the world. Folks would be sitting at outdoor tables laughing and enjoying conversation. The sense of joy was palpable. From what I understand, people love living in Barcelona. Having spent only a few days there I got a small glimpse of why that is so.

Anyway, I snapped this image to try and capture some of feeling. Like all photos it's an instant in time, but for me it brings back some of that Barcelona atmosphere. Normally with a photo I try to have a subject, a main actor if you will. In this case the image is simply atmosphere, a setting, a feeling that I got walking at night. I know that sounds vague as I fumble for words. The image is about a feeling more than a thing.

Funny enough we ended up getting lost in and amongst the narrow streets. It was a good kind of lost, not worried at all. The streets are archaic but that's the allure of them, there is character and discovery at every turn.

Shortly after taking this shot we stopped at a wine bar for a nightcap. Then we hailed a taxi to take us to the hotel, wherever that might be. We thought it was far away but as it turned out the hotel was only a couple blocks away. So much for getting lost.