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Backyard Sunrise

I live on the west coast of Florida in Manatee County. While that's great for watching sunsets from the beach over the Gulf of Mexico, it presents a little more of a challenge for catching a good sunrise with my camera. However, because I walk my dogs before dawn I usually have an opportunity to look up at the cloud cover and make a guess as to what the sunrise might look like. So it was on this morning as I walked the dogs about ten minutes before sunrise. When I saw the colors begin to display I lost all self restraint and began a mad dash for my camera and car keys. Problem is there aren't many places near my house where I can get an unobstructed view, ...except one place. I quickly drove a couple of blocks away to a vacant lot and next to that is an unobstructed view, ...in someones backyard. Fortunate for me the owners seemed not to be awake as quietly positioned my tripod on a steep slope at the edge of their backyard. As I emerged from the backyard through the lot with tripod and camera in hand I managed to get a worried look from a lady out for her morning walk. Am I a little nuts? Yup. Am I glad I got this shot? You betcha.

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