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Towers Across the Pond

Here are some apartment towers across the pond at the edge of the Vancouver downtown facing Stanley Park. Both the towers and trees cast a reflection on Lost Lagoon as I walked by here not too long ago. Lost Lagoon is a funny name for a pond in the middle of a big city, it conjures up images of a tropical island in the middle of the pacific somewhere, yet here it is in a big city. Maybe they figured no one would think to look for it here.

I once made up a rule about landscape photography, that the more elements a photo has the more interesting or impactful it becomes. By elements I mean earth, file, water and air. So..., the idea is the more I could incorporate in a photo, the more it resonates. Take this for instance, it has water, earth and air. There's a hint of fire on the right from the setting sun. I have no idea if any of this is true, but it's an idea and I kind of like it.

Speaking of lost, I wish they'd make another series like Lost. I was hooked on that real bad; wouldn't it be cool if they did another one? Lost 2, or Lost Again, or better yet, Lost lagoon. I have the perfect location.