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Moose Pass from the Train

This is a shot of Moose Pass from a train between Seward and Anchorage Alaska. I love the pristine reflection of the mountains on the water. The sun was behind the train and you can see how it casts shadows of the trees onto the water. It's a nice effect that I didn't really notice until I looked at this later.

I was fortunate to be on this train. I know nothing about Alaska and I just assumed that the ship I was on would dock in Anchorage. Little did I know that wasn't the case. Fortunately, I received a pamphlet on the first day of the voyage offering transfers to the airport. I figured it would be a thirty-minute cab ride at most. Little did I realize it was a four-hour drive. I opted for the slightly longer train in hopes that I would have a better view of the scenery along the way. I definitely did and the train ended up right at the airport terminal so it was completely hassle-free.

Travel shenanigans aside, I will always take a train if it's an option. There is so much more to see and it's nice to stand up and walk around, more practical in many respects. In this case, the scenery was great and I was super happy it turned out this way. If not for reading a brochure I almost certainly would have missed my flight home in Anchorage and, this never-ending scenery that is the great state of Alaska.