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French Bull Fighting

Yesterday we attended a form bloodless bull fighting indigenous to southern France known as Course camarguaise. Long story short, it's an elaborate form of tag played between trained athletes. The athletes are both human and bovine and if you are human you don't want to be tagged by the bull, that would be bad. I had no idea this even existed but the bulls are very well cared for and seem to enjoy chasing the raseteurs (human athletes) around the arena. All in all it was an absolute amazing spectacle, from the agility and speed of the bulls to the outstanding athletic ability of the raseteurs as they flew out of the arena to avoid the bull. Each bull spent about fifteen minutes in the arena after which he trotted back to his pen, in some cases quite proud of himself. Here is a Wikipedia if you are interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullfighting#French