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Ancient Village

This is the ancient village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert in southern France. As I walked along the cobblestone streets I was stuck by how old everything was, yet the people living here seemed quite normal. That sounds ignorant of me, but it's hard to imaging this setting in the modern world, yet here it is and people live their lives here, one foot in today and another in centuries past. A paradox of sorts I suppose.

For instance some people have satellite dishes and iPhones and MacBookPros. Yet the door to their home could be three-hundred years old. I saw a doctor riding through the streets on a motorcycle making a house call. I saw chickens in a coup, there were children in school on a treasure hunt; all normal things for sure. It's a product of having been raised in North America, where the entire country is younger than the doorframe to one of these houses.

Maybe our modern cities will look like this in three hundred years from now. Not likely, our homes are not made to longer than fifty to a hundred years, even less. But this is what happens when you build structures to last, you create a link to the past that people like me can stumble upon and end up wondering about the intermingling of the centuries. Food for thought.