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The Fine Line We Walk

This picture makes me think of the fine line we walk every day. It might even be a metaphor for how we are evolving. We can be filled with distractions so that we miss what is around us. Constant thoughts, reminders, threads of conversations, it can be hard to disconnect. This kind of challenge will only continue to grow.

I think we are morphing into another type of human. In a hundred years we will be even more merged with our technology and a global source of knowledge. The question is, how will we change? I'm not worried, eventually we'll do the right thing. We'll evolve and make good decisions. I believe that.

In the mean time we will walk along the shore and share the experience with our friends thousands of miles away. We'll surf our twitter feed even as the surf is pounding at our feet. We will walk a fine line, but in the end we will get it right.

These thoughts are not about photography per se, but , through photography I am thinking them. By creating this image it leads to an idea and that is the enjoyment I get out of it. One thing leads to another and before you know it I'm predicting the future of humanity. Such are the wanderings of my mind.