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Sweet Nothings

I take a lot of photos of the sea and sky. Not all of them are winners, in fact most aren't. Nevertheless, I'm incapable of restraining myself when I have a camera and a sunset. I end up with a lot of images composed of the sea, the sky and nothing else so I had an idea to patch them together. Each image is of a different location taken within fifteen of home.

Now I feel a little less ambivalent about all those "wasted" shots. I think that together they add up to a little more than the sum of the parts. I think now I'll keep taking these and do more compilations.

Yesterday I saw an amazing sunset and took dozens of shots. Out of those I'll choose maybe one or two and the rest will fade away like the winter sun on equinox. I'm glad I hung on to these though, and now I have a bona fide excuse to go shoot more images of sweet nothing.