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All Roads Lead to Sarasota

When it comes to taking photos, this is my favorite section of Sarasota. On the left is the fishing pier, which I'm standing on and on the right is the Ringling Bridge that leads to the center of town. I take so many pictures from here that I'm at risk of running out of views. Not this time because it's a perspective I haven't yet captured. It reminds me of the saying about Rome, only in this case all roads lead to Sarasota. That could be a metaphor for something else.

It's silly but I have an ongoing fear that I'll run out of things to take pictures of. Nothing could be further from reality because the possibilities are infinite. Yet each time I go out I feel that fear. Maybe it's just part of the process, a propellant for creativity. I compartmentalize it so it doesn't take control of me but it's always there. I can acknowledge it without letting it change my agenda. It's a reminder that art and creativity are tangible and as such there is resistance to succeeding.

I think about these things a lot. That's because I take the time to write about my images. That in turn causes me to explore my thoughts, motivations and ideas around images. Any time you do that it invariably leads to these questions; what is art, where does it come from, where does it lead? And in the end the answer is always the same, all roads lead to self discovery.

So perhaps the new perspective that I found for this area can be an allegory for self awareness. That's my two cents on the matter.