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City Pier

This is the old city pier on Anna Maria Island. The "city" is Anna Maria, but if a few beach houses and seaside restaurants make a city, then I'm a monkey's uncle.

To further make my point, the speed limit is 25mph; I know, because I paid a nice fine for driving 35. But I digress. It's been over a year since the restaurant on this pier was open. It got damaged in a hurricane, and now it and the dock are being reconstructed. But, as you already know, this is not a city where things move fast.

In the city of Anna Maria, there isn't much to else to do but go to the beach, fish and eat at the restaurants. But then, that's the attraction. A kind of place where you go to get away from everything else. There isn't a lot of serious stuff going on, just the odd bit of monkey business; I should know.


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