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Robot Drones Are Coming

I took this picture of my hometown of Palmetto last Friday. Do we get amazing sunsets or what? Actually, my robot took this photo. I sat out front with a cool beverage in a lawn chair and sent my robot drone out to take the photo.

Normally, when I take photos, I get my gear, put it in the car, and drive somewhere. Then I get the gear out of the car, walk, compose, and click. Then, I walk some more and do it again, over and over. After all that, I end up with one or two good shots, and then I'm tired. But this time I decided to sit back and send the drone up. No driving, no packing, no walking. I had to pilot it, compose the sho, and press the shutter button, but how hard is that?

It got me thinking. Drones are a little like robots. Fast forward ten years and I'll be sitting in my living room with a VR headset, send up a drone, fly somewhere, look around and take a photo. I won't even need to leave the comfort of my home. Kind of like sitting in front of my computer all day which might have seemed extreme a generation or two ago. This idea may not be too far off the mark.


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