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Saturday Night Fireworks

These are the Saturday night fireworks we had here in my hometown for the annual regatta. It's the third year and each year it gets bigger and bigger. They shut down one of the main bridges to cars so people can stand on it to watch the Formula One races during the day. Those boats are pushing the limits of the laws of physics, it really is crazy to watch. The day is filled with food, acrobatic displays and concerts and ends with a firework display.

I took this from across the river near my home in Palmetto. Palmetto is a small town compared to Bradenton, but they share the river and during the regatta each city joins together to put on the show.

When I arrived at the little beachhead along the river to watch the fireworks there was a couple already sitting in their lawn chairs waiting for the fireworks. I asked how it was going and the guy replied it was a little cold. I laughed and basically called him on it. I asked where he was from and sure enough, upstate New York. His son just sent him a picture of the snow up there. Here we all were in shorts and sandals watching fireworks. Maybe he was just being sarcastic. I told hime to send back a picture and see if he gets any sympathy from the folks up north.

I'm fortunate to live here in Florida especially at this time of year. I just returned from a couple of weeks in Canada and I can say with certainty that it is not cold here. The only cold thing is the ice in the fridge that we use to keep our drinks cold.


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