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The Final Glow

So often when I walk my dog I wish I had brought my camera. This time I decided to bring it so I could stop at this marina and capture the final glow. It was worth having to carry the camera along with a leash and poop bags for the full length of the walk.

Normally I would just use a cell phone but this time I wanted to see if a real camera made a difference. The iPhone is good but the Sony can get so much more detail and dynamic range.

I like taking my dog with me when I'm shooting landscapes. He loves to come for the ride and I enjoy the company. It's a mutual partnership. Sometimes I'll be holding him on the leash with one hand and taking pictures with the other. If he sees another dog and pulls the leash it can get tricky. That happened on this shot as I was composing the shot. It's all good and in the end we both got what we wanted.

I try not to get too serious when I'm taking photos. Once in a while having a dog along helps me keep it light. It's important to have fun because that gets reflected in the final images. Ironically, if I get too serious I'm not as relaxed and I'll miss things.

While I would like to take credit for this image, some part it goes to Mr. Wiggles, my trusty sidekick and assistant. I'm not sure if you can tell but we both had fun.


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