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Perico Preserve Path

This is a path through a just opened park near my home known as Perico Preserve. Like many of the preserves in the area it's a habitat for shore birds and other forms of wild life such as tortoises. It was my first visit and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience of walking through it's pathways. As preserves go, this is a gem. I think for me it will be a regular stop as I am a voracious consumer of landscapes for photography.

This is a section of the path between ponds. The paths are made from crushed shells which are abundant in this area. The first time is always a bit magical because I don't know what to expect around each curve. This natural arch seemed like a gateway to what lay beyond the next bend.

I was here only two days ago and since that time we've had some heavy rains. Rains are the life blood of the preserves so I'm keen to go back and see the effect on the land. I suspect much of the wildlife will be out in full array enjoying the additional moisture.


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