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Reflection Study

I drive by this pond quite a lot and this morning I happen to have my camera. As I passed I thought to turn around and get a picture. I've taken this before but no two days are alike and indeed it came out quite different.

This is a continuation of a study of reflections I've been doing. The study is to capture or produce reflections to add interest to an image.

I never get tired of reflections. In some cases they can be more compelling from than their source, at the very least they enhance it. Reflections resonate with us for reasons we can only guess. Perhaps it is a hint to how we perceive world.

I used another photo of clouds and combined it for the sky. This is an example of using textures to enhance the flat section of an image.

I'll continue posting these them in the days and weeks ahead as I continue to explore both real and artificial reflections in my images.


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