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Beyond the Shoreline

The other night I showed up at the beach at dusk. Sometimes when I'm taking photos things just happen and its good to be ready. In this case a woman was posing for photos on an adjacent pier about a hundred meters away. Her friend was taking pictures of her with his phone. It was getting dark so I set my ISO way up and took this shot.

The waters edge is a like a boundary into another world. For me, looking out over the water is like looking into the unknown. Standing at the edge of what we know and gazing beyond is an idea I sometimes think about.

If I'm honest I can find the unknown in my everyday life. Often I'm presented with challenges to overcome. When that happens its like looking into a gulf of uncertainty. I may know how to navigate but I've never been THERE before; there are risks. So the unknown is part of life, if not why be born in the first place. When we choose to go beyond what we know we are crossing out beyond the shoreline.

So for me this image is a metaphor for gazing into the unknown of my own life. I suppose that's why I get a little apprehensive when I look at it.


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