manatee county -

New Eyes

I read somewhere that (I'm paraphrasing) photography teaches us to see things without a camera. I think that's true because I'm always looking up in the sky at the clouds or looking around for interesting sights. On this morning while walking the dog I noticed the early light on the bridge, the reflection in the water and the clouds that looked like a painting. While there were other people walking nearby, I might have been the only person to notice all these at once.

There was nothing special about the morning I took this, a typical morning by all accounts. Yet I'm always looking for compositions even when I'm not taking photos. It's the practice of being present in the moment. I don't always succeed, but more and more I'm in the habit of being aware.

Also, just showing up at a location is half the battle. Not always but usually I can find a composition. It really depends but the more I try the more it happens.

Another thing I've read is that as a photographer you should be well practiced in your own neighborhood. That forces me to push and see everyday sights with new eyes.

Anyway, all of these things together and this is what my new eyes picked up while walking the dog.


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