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December Sunset

I remember taking this because it was on my birthday last December. The conditions looked good and I thought, hey I can do whatever I want today so I headed out and caught this amazing display. Not a bad present.

We get these sunsets quite a bit, the trick is knowing when to show up. Of course there's an app for that, it's called Sky Fire at Basically it looks at the atmospheric conditions near you and produces a probability of a good sunset or sunrise. I've used it once or twice and it works about seventy percent of the time. Close to home I've learned to read the sky but my own success rate is only about fifty percent. On the road it's a good tool to have especial if you are not familiar with the conditions.

I like living near the water as its become a central theme in many of my landscape images. Most of our planet is covered in water and I think I heard or read somewhere that there is more water below the earths surface than all the oceans. That's mind boggling if it's true. Nonetheless water in an image is a strong element that resonates with me at some level. Maybe its because our bodies are mostly water and there is some elemental attraction. You never know.


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