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Another Day Another Heron

I could post pictures of herons every day of the week, but then I'd have to rename the blog, Another Day Another Heron. This is such a common sight here in central Florida that I almost take it for granted; almost, but not quite. I used to live in Ontario Canada and I would travel into the back country. Up there the heron sightings were rare and it was a big deal when you saw one. Not so much here, they basically own the place. You see them along any stretch of water all up and down the coast. And they are territorial so you typically see them alone. I've noticed that other seabirds tend to give herons a wide berth.

The few I saw in Ontario were shy of humans, basically they would move away if you got within a hundred meters. Again, not so here, it seems they've grown accustom to us humans. They'll even take an interested in us if we happen to be fishing. If you have bait or scraps they come right up to you. For me it's quite an experience. It reminds me of feeding Flamingos in a petting zoo, they are even more amazing up close.

Herons fish in the shallow waters snatching fish with their pointy beaks. If you watch them for any length of time you'll note they are extremely patient. They'll remain perfectly still while a fish swims up and then they'll strike like lightning. The prey never even saw it coming. It reminds me of martial arts, quick, precise, lethal.


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