manatee county -

Through the Weeds

I live next to this abandoned housing development, I can see it out my window. The development was abandoned before the houses could be built so there are roads and a harbour but nothing else. Sometimes I'll head over to take photos, especially if the sky has nice clouds. This was early on a Sunday morning and its safe to say there was no one else in sight.

I'm always a little cautious when I come here since it's basically a wild area save for the construction remnants. I've seen alligators in the creek and we found a fourteen foot snake skin on the fence. At night I've seen a fox and we hear the coyotes as well. Given the lack of human traffic here it's likely I could startle a creature as I walk around, so just being aware of my surroundings and keeping my eyes open is probably a good idea.

Anyway, this is an HDR image that I processed in AuroraHDR Pro. The way you can tell is that I not only can we see the sun but the green color of the plants from the perspective of the camera. I combined five images (-3, -3,-1,0 and +1) to get the full dynamic range into the image. I didn't have a lot of great composition choices so I just started playing around with the idea of the sunset from behind the weeds. I can't tell you why but I like how it turned out. Maybe one day there will be a house right here and this is the view someone wakes up to each day, minus the weeds of course.


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