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Long Exposure Sunrise

This is a long exposure sunrise shot I took Sunday morning from Anna Maria Island. In reality there are waves and gulls and pelicans flying about. But using a couple of strong neutral density filters I can stretch-out the exposure about two or three minutes to create an entirely different effect. It's a little like looking through an arc welders mask, very little light gets through.

I have had filters for a while but I recently purchased these Lee filters from B&H in New York. They've opened up a world of long exposure photography. And for whatever reason it seems to suit me. I suppose that's because as I write my blog I like to wax philosophical about photos, and a long exposures seem to fit right in with that narrative. In a way they are ethereal, not quite real, a little removed from reality. That can be a great place to begin.

The funny thing is I don't write my blog for anyone in particular. I do it only because I like to. I like taking pictures in a creative way and then writing about them. It's just another way to be creative and for me its a fun thing to do. I would much rather take pictures and write about them than watch TV. Unfortunately I do watch the news almost every day, and that has me running back to my photography as quickly as I can.


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