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Twin Dolphins Marina

I took this the other night from a bridge that crosses the Manatee River into Bradenton. The river meets the Gulf of Mexico just a few miles beyond and in it's waters are dolphins, manatees and all manner of fish. At this point it's not a river in the traditional sense, more an estuary where the water flows in and out with the tide.

The bridge overlooks the Twin Dolphins Marina where folks have pleasure boats. However a number of people live here on their boats full time. There is a restaurant straight ahead called Pier 22 that we frequent on account of the outdoor patio and food which is very good.

This is one of those places that I pass when running errands in Bradenton. When I'm driving the bridge I don't get a chance to enjoy the view so much. But today I parked my car and walked across the bridge at sunset. Not surprising, there were a lot of other people walking across for exercise the scenery. Sometimes it pays to just take it slow and enjoy the sights in my own backyard.


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