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Colorful Clouds at Dusk

This time of year we have colorful clouds at dusk nearly every night. This is a shot from a few days ago in my neighborhood. Normally for a shot like this I would use a tripod but because I ran out of my house it was hand held as I stood at the base of the street in awe. Getting this to shot to turn out pushes the Sony sensor to the edge of its limits in terms of recovering shadows and details. If you zoom in you can pick out a lot of noise and flaws, but the point is I was able to get an amazing scene in unfavorable conditions and on a moments notice. I wish I had used a tripod, but in the end the Sony sensor compensated very well.

Where I live there seems to be some kind of atmospheric border. At around sunset each day the east boils with violent ominous clouds and the west is lit with broken clouds in a cascade of colors. I will see completely different weather depending on which window I look out of. It seems like the border between these two conditions is right over street. As soon as the sun sets the clouds settle down and any local storms subside. The tropical climate here can be truly different from one block to the next.

By the next morning the sky is blue without a hint of any drama or clouds. But as soon as the sun heats up the clouds re-appear as though out of thin air. They get thicker and more dramatic throughout the day until we get afternoon thunderstorms, which then dissipate at around sunset. It’s a predictable pattern that repeats each day. Only when we get tropical depressions from the Atlantic or the Gulf does this change. Then it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen.


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