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Skytrain Station

I took this at a Skytrain station in Vancouver. It's called the Skytrain because most of it is above ground. I'm not from around here so I still call it a subway, but when I do I get glances. The kind of glance that says you're not from around here are you? I'm cool with that. Maybe one day I'll get it right, but its kind of low on the priority list.

That aside it's the best run transit system I've seen outside of Disney World. There are no drivers and everything is automated, a little like Tomorrowland. However as a programmer it gives me just a slight amount of concern, like that glance I get when I say the word subway. It's subtle but there is a difference. I know what happens when there's a bug in the code and if my program controls a train, well that opens up all kinds of scenarios. Even so I ignore the thought because the train seems to have been running very well for years, so perhaps the code is bug free. I wipe the consideration from my mind, just as quickly as it enters. I'm getting a little off track.

Skytrain just added something new called a Compass pass. Long story short it's a convenient way to buy a fare, transfer to a bus or ferry and possibly save money at the same time. Without going into all the details it seems to work pretty well, just as well as the trains run without drivers. Did I mention that? One thing seems certain to me; someone is writing a lot of good code and as a result the whole system seems to run quite well. Now if I could just reprogram my brain to not call it a subway.


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