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Random People in Night Scenes

I'm not sure why it is but I enjoy images of random people in night scenes. This is similar to a shot I did a year ago in the same location. It too was monochromatic with red. Anyway, I'm deliberately repeating myself. What I'm trying to capture is the combination of the lights of the shopping district, the hustle and bustle of people and the interplay of light and shadow. They combine to create a scene and the red color adds an extra dimension of depth.

Looking at this you could be forgiven for thinking it was somewhere in the United States but in fact it's Vancouver, British Columbia. On the surface, many things about Canada seem similar to the United States. But beyond the surface there are differences.

I could name a lot of things but I think that strong sense of national Identity is one of the most prominent. That sounds very general, but it's palpable, something you pickup on right away.

Just as the USA influences Canada, the same is true in the other direction. Most people don't notice, but Canada has a big influence south of the border. Television personalities, sports, medicine, manufacturing, banking..., the list goes on. I see the signs of all over Florida but maybe that's because I know what to look for.

Generalities aside, we are not so different as individuals. In the end we are what we are, individuals living our lives. And thats a similarity that extends across all borders.


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