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Epic Saturday Sunset

On Saturday evening I visited the pier at Fort Desoto Park. I don't know why I waited so long to return here; it's one of my favorite places. I was lucky because as you can see, the sunset was epic.

From the moment I got out of my car, I was busy taking pictures. I go camera-crazy whenever I'm in an idyllic setting. I dare say we all do; when I looked around nearly everyone was holding a camera of some type (be it phone or DSLR) taking pictures.

To make this final image I combined three exposures into Aurora HDR, made a few adjustments and then used Luminar 2018 to make a few more. I never repeat the same process twice. I do everything by feel, and I don't write anything down. It's a form of improvisation, similar to what a musician might do. It's no wonder, so many photographers are also musicians, the creative process has certain similarities. Which got me thinking, I wonder what this scene would sound like if translated into music?


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