sunset / sunrise -

Mangrove Glow

A few days ago I had a bright idea to take some photos. Somehow, I managed to leave with enough time to get here and set up the shot without rushing.

I usually procrastinate and then end up dashing out the door. But once in a while, I do it the proper way, whatever that is. I am continually going between calm and panic in my photography. Kind of like life I suppose.

Lately, when I know I'm shooting into the sun, I've been using my high-quality Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GM lens. It's a lot heavier than my standard travel lens, but man-o-man, the quality comes through. I notice the difference because I take and process so many photos, but most folks would never know. That's okay because I take these landscape photos for myself. And as the saying goes, whatever makes me happy.


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