sunset / sunrise -


The problem with a place in Florida called Venice is that if you Google "Venice," you'll end up in Italy. Even if I search my website, I get Italy. Using the hashtag "#venicefl" helps sort that out.

That's the thing about living in the new world, a lot of places get named after the old world. If you're someone like me that was born here, its confusing as heck. (I never said I was bright.) It's like when someone in Ontario Canada mentions London; or the poor souls in Paris Texas.

Hashtags aside, I took this with the original Sony A7R. By this time I owned it for over a year and was thoroughly happy with it. Now I'm on the third generation A7, but am going back with newer software. The updated software breaths new light into these old shots. This is processed with Aurora HDR 2019, and after looking at what it can do with these old photos, I'm going to be going back to have a second look at a few more.


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