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Windblown Palms

Here is a shot I took last year in Sarasota. It was one of those rushed shots that I was frantically trying to capture as the sun disappeared. The windblown palms added drama to the scene which meant that a three image HDR was out of the question. Nevertheless, I was able to get this with a single exposure from that fantastic Sony sensor on the A7RII.

I took this with a super wide angle 12mm lens. I don't use it as much as I'd like, but this is an example of what it can do. In a lot of cases, it's too wide for my needs. But still, it's nice to have it in the kit.

One thing it does well is to include a lot of the sky. In this case, that's what I wanted because of the clouds and colors. But at other times it can leave a lot of empty space. Anyway, I'm happy with how it turned out with the combination of the windblown palms, leading lines and dramatic clouds.


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